Saturday, March 20, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: March 15-21 2010

Another busy week for Rob and Kristen. Miss Stew threw herself into another week of Runaways promotion, while Rob worked hard on the Bel Ami set, as well as attending a London Remember Me premiere.

On Tuesday Kristen was on the Regis and Kelly show and visited Jimmy Fallon.

Rob attended the European premiere of Remember Me in London on Wednesday, while Kristen did the same in New York.

Kristen headed to Texas after that, to SXSW, where she attended another Runaways premiere. As of today she is still enjoying SXSW.

The week ends with some Twi-related news. The New Moon DVD came out and bares more extras and decent material than the actual film, in our opinion. The editing is shocking, after seeing some of the extended scenes. Looks like some of the film, especially its heart: Bella and Edward, could have had much better editing than we got. There's also a sneak peek at Eclipse. Watch it all here

In other news

- New Rob Interview about the Pattinson Phenomenon

- Rob on Bel Ami set, plus the house they will be filming

- Sunday Telegraph Interview with Rob (scans)

- New Kristen EW outtake

Note: We own nothing. But we wouldn't mind this below.... ;)

Plus, we love a good 'shirt gate' on occasion. This one is pretty obvious ;)

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  1. difinitely rob shirt! :D
    i think this is the way they let their fans know that they are together without saying it out loud ;)