Sunday, March 28, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: March 22-28 2010

After weeks of promotion for both Rob and Kristen, the past week has been relatively quiet. Rob finished Bel Ami filming in London and is now in Budapest, Hungary;

More photos here and here

And more photos from the set in Hungary here

Kristen is back in Los Angeles, where she was spotted earlier in the week:

More photos

In other news this week:
- Kristen is linked to a new Julianne Moore movie, called "Backwoods" It is currently on her imdb page but there's no official confirmation she will actually be in it. Backwoods is described as an "end of the world" type film and will be directed by Julianne's husband.

- More news about An Americal Girl.
James Woods seems eager to start filming soon, so it can be a contender for the Oscars in 2011. While that would be great, there is nothing definitive.

- Kristen was in Las Vegas on Friday, enjoying some downtime with some of her Runaways costars.

- Remember Me has made approx. 17 million $ so far and is still in the top 10 of the US BO. A sleeper hit, it seems.

- Noel Clarke on Kristen At the Empire Awards

Some final speculation for you to mull over:
- While there's no official confirmation, it's very likely Kristen and Rob will be reunited soon in Budapest.

After all, she needs to return some of the clothes that she has been borrowing ;)

Note: We own nothing but we are impressed with this:


  1. Oh c'moon they have got to get together at kristens birthday!! (april 9th) pleasee?

    And that borrowing clothes thing is awesome - i wouldnt have noticed it if there weren't you! soo thank you, i totally believe theyre together! :)

  2. hey..please please confirm they will be tgogether for Kristen birthday...
    I am sure they will be and I was hoping that he would be back to LA, but seems that he will be filming in Budapest till Apr 22 so makes sense she go for him there...

  3. They will be filming until April 9 (her b-day) because they were finished in UK earlier than planned, it seems. So it's extremely likely she will spend her b-day there and celebrate with her family a few days after, when Rob is done.