Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kristen at the Academy Awards, March 7 2010

On the red carpet

On stage

Rob wasn't there, but we're giving a little nudge to last year anyway...

Note: We own nothing, but we bow down to the beauty! Hot.Damn. Plus our wish for next year...


  1. oh my..we miss Robert on red carpet together with our beautiful girl...

    oh, about March 17th can you recheck if he will go to NY for The runaways premiere? I just saw info that remeber me premiere in UK will be at same day?

    oh no... I will be very sad :(

  2. Kristen is always sooo gorgeus! Thought i'm sure shes hating herself for having to cough when taylor and her presented the horror movies.. :D

    But theres no reason to, i love her just because of those little mistakes and all.. :)

    And yes i miss robert and kristen together at the red carpet as well, cause it's great to see them in their "bubble".. ;))

    gahhh i just cant get enough of kristen! :)

  3. The 17th = Remember Me Premiere in London, apparently....

    That's new today. I call it c*ckblocking by Summit. There wasn't a RM premiere planned.
    And Rob cannot refuse, of course.

  4. wow that last photo is goorgeus... ;) Oh god i miss them together!

    Excited about the eclipse trailer peek huh??? I KNOW I AM ! :)

  5. Isn't The Runaways premiere on the 19th?
    Damn, i really hoped to see them both ...