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Investikudos Weekly Update: March 5 - 11 2012

Current Projects


- New clips:

- More on-set interviews with Rob:

- Bel Ami World Premiere updated with red carpet interviews (LINK)


- Sneak-peek screencap:

- A 10 second teaser of ‘Breaking Dawn-Part 2′ will be online March 20th on the French facebook page. (LINK) The whole teaser will be available March 26th.

No news.

- Breaking Dawn Part 1 has made over 700 million worldwide. It's out on DVD now.
Find links to all the events UPDATED with all available videos etc. here (LINK)


- Cosmopolis French release date is slated for May 23 (LINK)

Note: The choice of this date could indicate that Cosmopolis will be at Cannes which opens a week before. On April 19, the 2012 selection for Cannes will be announced.

- First Trailer (LINK)

- On The Road French movie tie in. Out April 1 2012.


- SWATH in Movie Magic Magazine:


Although Snow White And The Huntsman began with a strong script, it would seem that the cast would bring considerable life to the characters via their portrayals. "I wanted to make a big, epic medieval fable, very much within that world, but also wanted it to relate to the people of today," Sanders says, "all of those actors have such a cutting edge modernity that even if they're existing in world that's very well described and historic, they still imbue the film with the sense of modernity. Kristen Stewart is really strong as Snow White. She makes such great instinctual decisions and truly inhabits her character. It helped me to write her character, spending time with her, seeing the character through her eyes. She was an intrinsic part of creating the character."

- Beautiful Battle scene picture (LINK to source)

- SWATH Posters without title/credits plus SnowStew close-ups:

*Other characters here (LINK)


- Kristen will be on the June cover of Elle US:

Note: Vanity Fair cover (that she shot in Paris late January - LINK) is also slated for June.

- Rob and Kristen at Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs exhibition on March 7 in Paris (LINK)

- Rob #12 on GQ's Most Stylish Celebrities under 30 (LINK)

Pattinson is one of those rare mythical creatures who can swipe looks straight from the runway—everything from a burgundy Gucci suit to a fancy baseball jacket from Dries van Noten—without a hitch. Of course, he's also a pro at the rolled-out-of-bed thing. He lurks around on off-days in leather jackets, ripped jeans, and hoodies pulled down so far they hide the remnants of his shorn power-mane.

- GQ UK's readers named him Best Dressed again (LINK)

1. Robert Pattinson
(Last year No.1) The artist occasionally known as Edward Cullen hasn't put a foot wrong on the red carpet, wearing Gucci to his last three Twilight film premieres, as well as at the launch of a certain pachyderm based circus drama. Most impressively, he avoided a stake through the heart from the masses of boy-band fans by securing 27 per cent of the vote

- Jules Stewart talks to Hollywood Insider about K11 and Kristen's input:

- Entertainment Tonight's Rob and Kristen Lookback

- More Glamour US outtakes (Kristen)

*More here (LINK)


- Kristen is nominated for Best Actress at Kids' Choice Awards (VOTE)

Taylor (Best Buttkicker) and Twilight (Favorite book) are nominated too.

The show airs March 31 at 8 p.m. on Nickelodeon. More info at

- Rob is nominated for Favorite UK Actor at the UK Kids' Choice Awards. More here (LINK)

- Vote for Rob and Kristen at the Glamour UK Awards.
* Man of the Year
* Woman of the Year
* Film Actress

More info (LINK)

Kristen and Rob are back in L.A.

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