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Investikudos Weekly Update: January 16 - 22 2012

Current Projects


- Bel Ami will have its world premiere at Berlinale - the Berlin Film Festival!
No date yet but Berlinale is held between Feb 9 - 19 (LINK)

- Bel Ami to screen at Glasgow Film Festival (LINK)
According to the Glasgow Film Festival programme, 'Bel Ami' will be shown on February 22nd at 6:15PM and February 23rd at 5PM - If you want to order tickets (LINK)

- Another new BTS-look from MTV Russia (Dubbed in Russian)

Translation (SOURCE)
In Spring 2012 there will be screening of the dramatic picture Bel Ami based on the novel of Guy de Mopassant. This novel is referred to the French literature classics. It was filmed many times, one of which was porno. Although everyone knows this story already, this premiere is being waited with impatience because the main character is played by handsome twilight's Robert Pattinson.

The creators of the film Bel Ami decided not to rewrite clasics and made quite precise adaptation. The main character Georges Duroy - the ex military - vegetates in poverty in midst of luxury Paris. But one day he meets his old fellow Sharles Forrestier who became a journalist. And the new life starts. George can do almost nothing, but he is very attractive and his mind is resourceful. On having new appointments he understands: there is the invisible power in the high society that can help to grow up.This power are wives of rich and powerful men.

In the beginning he has love affair with his friend's wife.Then with the lady from high society Clotilda de Morels. Then with her daughter. And it's her who calls him "bel ami". George's life became the line of mistresses, lie, machinations and calculated marriages.

The director of Bel Ami is englishman Declan Donnellan. Russia knows him thanks to his numerous performances in Moscow artistic academic theatre (MHAT) and in Pushkin's theatre and even in Bolshoy theatre. Declan managed to combine outstanding cast for this film. "Bel ami" Georges Duroy is Robert Pattinson, who is free finally from his vampire saga. He has in movie love affairs with wonderful actresses Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, Kristin Scott Thomas and so on. Everything was filmed in London and Budapest. But the action is meant to be in Paris.

As Robert Pattinson said by himself, he played amoral Georges with great pleasure because he used to learn French and the novel Bel Ami is one of his favourite books.

Screencaps from the video:

More here (LINK)

- New Stills:


- Carter Burwell talks about the Edward/Renesmee piano scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2 (LINK)

At what point in the filming process will you come onboard? Is the film usually finished by the time you see it and set the score?
Carter Burwell: Generally, I don’t actually write anything until a film has actually been shot. But, there are some exceptions.
In the movie I’m working on right now, which is “Breaking Dawn: Part II,” they needed Rob Pattinson and the actress who plays his daughter to play piano onscreen. I had to write this duet before they shot the film so they could actually learn the parts. Rob is a musician, so he prides himself on working out the fingering for these correctly.

- Target will preview Breaking Dawn Part 2 (LINK)

- More details about the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' DVD and Bluray. These are details about the Italian DVD, but the extras are the same as the US DVD/Blu Ray. (LINK)

Disc 1
The movie
Audio Commentary with Bill Condon

Disc 2
6-Part Making Of Documentary (55 minutes)
Jacob's Destiny (7 minutes)
Edward and Bella's Personal Wedding Video (9 minutes)
Edward Fast Forward
Jacob Fast Forward
Jump to... (character specific favorite scenes) according to the Italian DVD: wedding, honeymoon, Bella's pregnancy, the wolves, the Cullens

The movie
Audio Commentary with Bill Condon
6-Part Making Of Documentary (55 minutes)
Jacob's Destiny (7 minutes)
Edward and Bella's Personal Wedding Video (9 minutes)
Edward Fast Forward
Jacob Fast Forward
Jump to... (character specific favorite scenes) according to the Italian DVD: wedding, honeymoon, Bella's pregnancy, the wolves, the Cullens.

- Junket interviews:
Part 1: LINK
Part 2: LINK
Part 3: LINK
Part 4: LINK
Part 5: LINK

- Breaking Dawn Part 1 has made more than $650 million worldwide.
Find links to all the events UPDATED with all available videos etc. here (LINK)

No News.

No News.


- SWATH cast will do Moviefone Unscripted on January 26(LINK)

Twi-hards and superhero geeks unite! On Thursday, Jan. 26 in Los Angeles, Kristen Stewart (Snow White), Charlize Theron (the evil Queen Ravenna) and Chris Hemsworth (the Huntsman) will participate in a brand-new edition of Moviefone's Unscripted for "Snow White and the Huntsman" -- meaning you can ask them anything about the highly anticipated fairytale flick.

"Snow White" fans will have until Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST to ask a question. You can leave queries in the comments below, on our Facebook Page or on Twitter. Check back to Moviefone closer to the "Snow White" release date in June to see the completed video.

Starring Stewart, Theron, Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, Bob Hoskins and Eddie Izzard, "Snow White and the Huntsman" hits theaters on June 1.

- MTV's Josh Horowitz will interview the SWATH cast - no date yet.

- Charlize on instant chemistry with Kristen (LINK)

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron may play rivals in Snow White and the Huntsman, but it's so not like that in real life.

The two didn't first meet until after they both signed on to the movie...

"We met on a plane going to Comic-Con," Theron told me at the BAFTA Los Angeles tea party at the Four Seasons Hotel. "You know when you meet someone and it's effortless? It was instantly amazing. We couldn't shut up," she continued. "The plane landed and they were like, 'Get off the plane' and we were going on and on."

It was the same on set. "I think we both love what we do and we came to play," Theron said.

Yeah, but what happened when it came to their fight scenes? We imagine the "total bitch" Evil Queen got to kick Stewart's Snow White's butt.

Or maybe not. Theron teased, "It's more like what Kristen does to me."


- K11 is also going to Berlinale - but only for market screenings, not a premiere. (LINK)

Rob and Kristen are currently enjoying their downtime.

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