Sunday, August 1, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: July 26 - August 1 2010

We'll keep this update short and sweet because as far as news goes, all is pretty quiet. There are a few tidbits, however.

- Casting rumor (emphasis on rumor!) Rob met with Dreamworks Animation CEO about a month ago...we saw the photos. Looks like maybe that was about the following: Rob *might* be involved in something called The Goon's a project produced by David Fincher. More about the project here
(At Comic Con a teaser trailer for the animated movie debuted Eric Powell mentioned that Rob is 'in talks' for one of the characters in the movie) No further details for now and it's still a rumor.

- Kristen is still flying under the radar in Montreal, starting filming On the Road next week, but this weekend she enjoyed some music at the Osheaga Music Festival. Looks like she was left alone for the most part because no photos have emerged (so far and let's hope it stays that way)

- Water for Elephants is wrapping filming in Georgia (close to the Tennessee border) but the release date has already been set: April 15 2011. Mark your calendars.**

** There are plenty of other news-outlets/blogs who cover Water for Elephants filming, so we won't get into that. Also, we still find it invasive since Rob is at work and shouldn't be bothered with people who desperately want to see his (gorgeous) face daily and set-stalk him to score points online and/or are obsessed.

Not to mention the continuing stalking when he is on his downtime like the past few days he's been spending in Tennesee and Georgia, where he was bothered at his hotel as well as being stalked at the set. It's not only distracting for the cast and crew who are clearly at work, it's also plain creepy and disrespectful.

It's appalling behavior and Rob doesn't deserve it. Hopefully he'll go back home to London soon and re-group. Kristen and he will stay in touch no matter what and have dealt with separation fine in the past.

(Occam's razor...keep it simple...don't make their professional responsibilities into something unnecessarily dramatic)

We don't want to dwell, so we'll leave with some fun stuff.

A little Bubble

Japan revisited:

And also, Kristen showing off her mad dance skillz:

- While we are not a teen anymore, we will cover the Teen Choice Awards next weekend, since Rob will be there and both him and Kristen are nominated for a buttload of awards. Kristen (not) being there is still up in the air.

Disclaimer: we own our opinion, it takes up plenty of space.


  1. Apparently kristen attending to the TCA is (almost) confirmed? Or at least in the spanish (?) ad kristen was mentioned to be there... Oh gaawd i hope she will, because i miss her so bad!

  2. Thar clip confirmed people who won't be there and didn't mention people who will. It's still unconfirmed if Kris will be there.

  3. Kristen won't be there. Her rep confirmed. She will be bust filming On the Road.