Sunday, August 29, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update August 23 - 29 2010

Rob's current/pending projects:
- Rob is currently enjoying a well-deserved break. He was spotted at Soho House, L.A. earlier this week but no more sightings or photos. Good for him.

Kristen's current projects:
- Kristen spend the past week in Bariloche Argentina filming scenes for On the Road.
- On The Road will head to Mexico on September 18. Before that the cast will be in New Orleans. It's not certain if Kristen is done after NO or if she'll go to Mexico too.
- The New Orleans Film Festival will open with Welcome to the Rileys October 14th.
- The American Film Festival Deauville will start this Friday. Welcome to the Rileys is one of the competitors. The Runaways will premiere there as well. More info
- There will be a screening of the Runaways in the UK on September 10. Unlikely Kristen will attend, since she will still be filming OtR.

Joined projects:
Breaking Dawn: If there will be filming in Rio de Janeiro it'll be around November/December 2010. Source: CEO of RioFilme Sergio Sa Leitao.
**Summit is still scouting for locations, going to Rio is not confirmed.

In other news:

Another Man Outtakes


Outtakes of Rob's Stewart Shining Photoshoot


- Photoshoot done by Scott Council, date unknown.

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