Saturday, August 21, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update August 16 - 22 2010

Rob's current/pending projects:
- Rob is currently enjoying a well-deserved break. There's buzz he will be doing some meetings in L.A. about possible future projects, but there's no official information on this.

Kristen's current projects:
- Kristen is currently on a break from filming (she was not needed on set in Gatineau this week because she doen't appear in the scenes that were shot), but she will resume working on On the Road in Bariloche Argentina, flying there Sunday/Monday where she is scheduled to stay until August 28.

- Review of the On the Road Script

Joined projects:
Confirmed filming schedule for Breaking Dawn

In other news:

- Rob tops Glamour's 50 Sexiest Man list, second year in a row.

- Eclipse proposal/leg-hitch scene in HQ

- After a romantic weekend in Montreal, last week (we had kissing and nuzzling) Rob and Kristen returned home Tuesday. It's been a tumultuous week for them, with paparazzi chases and the exposal of the home they resided in when Rob was filming Water For Elephants. They are currently at an undiclosed location, enjoying some peace and quiet together.

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