Saturday, July 24, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update July 19 - 25 2010

It's been another relatively quiet week (promotion time is definitely over) where Rob hung out with bestie Tom Sturridge (cruising L.A. in a Chevy) last weekend and Kristen spend some time getting to know the cast of On the Road in Montreal (she went bowling** with Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund) ** The photo is a fan photo with just Kristen.

Rob also spend time on the Water for Elephants set, finishing up shooting. He also got beaten up in his role of Jacob but this is reported to have been for a photoshoot.

Rob will spend next week finishing up shooting in Tennessee.

Rob also went to see Angelina Jolie in action in her new movie Salt, as he was with his agent Stephanie at a theatre in Malibu. The usual gossip sites have photos, which we won't post here (link removed)

Kristen is more stealthy in Montreal, where she has been in pre-production for On the Road all week, flying under the radar while doing so.

In other news:

Another Man outtakes

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Theo Werner Outtakes

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- New Entertainment Weekly outtakes

- New Eclips Premiere shots

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- Rob is scheduled to appear at the Teen Choice Awards on August 9 2010. No official word if Kristen will be there, since she'll be filming On The Road around that time.

- Bel Ami is looking for a release in 2011, not December 2010 as reported before. There might be a possibility it'll be shown at a Film festival in 2010, but theatrical release is set for 2011.

- Eclipse now at $280M domestic, $568M worldwide

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