Sunday, July 18, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: July 12 - 18 2010

It's been a relativly quiet week for Rob and Kristen. Rob is wrapping up filming for Water for Elephants in Los Angeles, while Kristen's in pre-production for On the Road in Montreal.

Rumors are swirling that Kristen is not staying at a hotel there but rented a house. This would not be very surprising since it seems a better way to guarantee her safety and privacy and also not 'burden' her co-stars with possible unwanted fan-stalking.

And who knows, maybe she is expecting a special visitor soon.

Main news:

- Rob at Sam's concert earlier in the week at the Hotel Cafe.

- New Kristen Interview with Germany's 1Live

- Rob talks about the most romantic couple he knows (around 5.37)

- An InStyle poll has named Rob Hottest on 25. (No surprise)

- Rob donates to Bodyshop Charity campaign

- The latest on Bel Ami

- Rob's short film "The Summerhouse" is available on iTunes now and will be screened at UK's Rushes Soho Short Film Festival, which starts July 21 and ends July 31.

- The latest on Water for Elephants (it seems like they are nearing the end of filming) extras talking about their experiences, very nice words on Rob.

- Water for Elephants on set this week

- The Runaways dvd is released in the US on July 20, here's a preview for people in the UK, where it will be released September 10 2010

- For those who cannot wait, a making of The Runaways.
* Part 1
* Part 2

- News on Welcome to the Rileys distribution

- What went down during Eclipse re-shoots, per Stephenie Meyer

It was so funny, did you guys hear all the rumors about the problems? Rob was only supposed to be there for the last day. The first two were Jacob and Bella scenes where the wig had been a problem. The last day was the tent was the tent and that was it & it was a pretty easy shoot. The only problem for that day was that Kristen had the stomach flu and luckily, she was supposed to lay there, but between every like scene, oh, she was so sick. And Taylor, he was over digging around, grabbing garbage cans. Why is Taylor taking the garbage? Takes them over there so she could puke in them.
It was so sweet. Everybody was taking care of her and everything, but it was a hard day. You look at actors and a lot of people are like “I wanna be an actor” it's so hard and then to sit there. She’s wanting to puke and she's all feverish, and she’s having to do the shivering. She was a work horse that day. That was our only drama was that poor Kristen got sick, and I think it was food poisoning. But it was a great shoot. It was one of those days where at the end you're like “We really killed it today! It's gonna be great!" It was a great day

- Breaking Dawn might be going tropical, choosing Rio de Janeiro to film some of the honeymoon scenes. It's not confirmed by Summit yet, but the CEO of the Rio Film Commission seemed to confim the news earlier this week.

- Eclipse has made over 250 million domestic and over 400 million worldwide, so far. It's not confirmed but the dvd might be released at the end of November or early December.

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