Friday, February 12, 2010

Rob in Details Magazine

Rob in Details Magazine.

Kudos to RobertPattinsonLife.

Video of the shoot


  1. OK Bronze - your thoughts? Good or bad for Rob? What are you hearing?

  2. Bronze, we need your thoughts about this interview.
    I am not english so I could have misread some points..

  3. The photos are not bad, Rob looks gorgeous as usual. I don't feel the concept though and find the nekkid models funny and out of context. The shoot would have been way more powerful without the models, IMO.

    The interview is typical Rob. Details is not the magazine to bring up Kristen, so the journalist didn't. Rob has no verbal filter and while some parts were endearing (the elephant) other parts made me go 'huh?' like how he keeps going bak to how he wants to be perceived. He thinks too much and in his honesty becomes even more overwhelmed in his thought process, he starts to show his mindframe even more...

    All in all, it leaves me underwhelmed. It's nothing refreshing or new. Rob looks good, gives a decent interview but that's it.

  4. I agree with you that the shoot would have been better without the models.
    just my personal opinion.
    I do not want to overreact but I see no point to Robert do it this way...It just doest not fit well the image and feeling I had from him.
    But I guess I do not have the right to feel it.
    It is his life afterall.

  5. Have to admit, after reading the interview again, Rob shows to be very disarming and honest. It's refreshing though it might not always be perceived in a positive way. Honesty means you're vulnrable and people can take advantage of you that way. Don't think this happened with Details Mag, they treated him fairly, didnt twist his words etc.

  6. The person interviewing Rob was the script writer for Remember Me. Jenny somebody, can't think of her last name. Rob spent the weekend with her where they talked about the script and then rewrote parts of it. I feel she has more insight into Rob than most interviewers would. I think Rob is brilliant but he gets lost in his thoughts. He might be a little ADD. Details photo shoot, well, I did not see the point of the nudes except to say that this is a man's mag.