Sunday, February 7, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update Feb 1-7 2010

This week was one big a Robsten Dejavu:
"the recurring drama of internet bloggers trying to stir all kinds of Robsten dish, causing Robstenites to go "WTF, didn't we go through this drama yesterday" whilst eating salty things"
(partial kudos go to our friend Sarah)

It started with a lot of Awful Truth drama, where Ted Casablancas blogged about some rumble between Rob and Kristen and the continuing influence of bigger parties involved, like Summit and the bounds of contracts.

Then we had some details on the Details Magazine Photoshoot Rob did back in December. It had something to do with nekkid women, breast grabbing, esctacy faces and crotch-pulling and it send the virtual world into a frenzy. Positively and Negatively. Luckily, Gossipcop had some scoop as to what the shoot is going to be about. The low-down on Rob's Details Photoshoot

Was there any real news this week? Thankfully, yes.

First, it looks like Welcome to the Rileys is getting distribution in a lot of countries, which is great news.

Also, Kristen will be hosting a Haiti benefit dinner

Kristen was also spotted at the Los Angeles Supreme Court on Feb 2nd forJury Duty

We got a first sneak peek at Kristen's Vanity Fair's Hollywood Edition and Rob's Details shoot.

Rob was spotted at the National Theatre on Saturday, per tweets

Kristen will attend a Yellow Handkerchief Afterparty on Feb 18 2010.

And by the end of the week, there was a very positive rumor, which managed to wash away the bitter taste this week could have left.

On a final note: there will always be drama with these two, often created by people around them. Maybe to score hits (Ted) maybe because some people simply CAN create drama. We believe it is important to stick with your own gut feeling about these two (if you have a gut feeling about them, of course) In the end, we may all be right or wrong, but seeing things in your own perspective does help with not getting distracted by unnecessary drama.

Investikudos owns its opinions, but usually no info or photos.

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