Monday, February 22, 2010

Kristen at the Elle Style Awards in London on Feb 22 2010

Kristen named Woman of the Year by Elle!!

More photos and info

Video of the event

Kristen's speech

Kristen talks to OK Magazine
We own nothing except the bow down to that uberfierce dress and another award nod.


  1. jajaja love your comment..thanks

  2. SOOOOO proud of kristen! cant even describe! :) youve probably heard about the "rob confirmed: me and kristen are dating" thing? Id like to hear what u think about it:) (i dont belive that he said so AT ALL... and anyway even if rob had said so (naat), i wanna hear it from kristen!! dunno why, but just want to;)

    thank you for a rocker blog!

  3. I think Rob answered a question that wasn't asked. He gave away more than he needed to.

    The reporter asked "if they were attending this public event together"

    Rob could have answered with a simple explanation: "Yes, I am here to present and Kristen is a nominee"

    Instead he answers: "We are together" (according to the reporter..)

    That's a far more loaded term. I think it is telling both Rob and Kristen seem to be more open about their relationship. The whole BAFTA experience shows it. Rob was there for her, not to present (that was a nice convenient cover, IMO) and he was very vocal in his happiness that she won. The tone of his voice when asked by the BBC was very telling and had a protective undertone. (watch video in the BAFTA Show blog entry)

    In a recent interview about the Yellow Handkerchief, Kristen brought up Rob randomnly, without being asked about him. She also spoke of seeing Remember Me and praised his performance during an interview that was about her movies.(Both can be found in the Yellow Handkerchief Premiere blog entrance)

    They are becoming a bit more open, for whatever the reason. They know we know. The look on their faces when they were 'caught' in the car after the BAFTA's.... they know it's not a secret.

    I have very strong hopes/expectations Kristen will travel to NY with Rob for RM-premiere on Monday. I also think she will be there visibly. She won't be parading around and be with Rob on the red carpet, but I am certain she will be there to support him.