Thursday, March 24, 2011

Water For Elephants Promotion: Rob (and Reese) on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

Some highlights of the interview (look at the scans for the entire thing)

Rob on romancing Reese in Water for Elephants and his future in movies:
“Generally, what I think is cool is what everybody else hates”

EW NEW YORK – With The Twilight Saga nearing its end, everybody wants to know where Robert Pattinson’s career will take him next. Not even Pattinson himself is sure. In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, he opens up about acting, fear, the future—and his new drama with Reese Witherspoon, Water for Elephants. Nothing makes an actor feel alive like getting to play someone who isn’t dead.

The movie, in theaters April 22, is a romantic period piece adapted from Sara Gruen’s bestselling novel. Pattinson plays a veterinary-school dropout in the ’30s who joins a traveling circus after his parents die, only to fall in love with the star attraction (Reese Witherspoon). Unfortunately, she’s married to the mercurial ringmaster (Christoph Waltz). “I liked the aspect of living on a train,” the English actor says. “Just that whole frontier thing. It seems to me the definition of America.” Pattinson says that signing on to Elephants, directed by I Am Legend’s Francis Lawrence, was a “no-brainer,” and that he’s considering his post-Twilight career very carefully—though ultimately he knows whatever will be, will be. “It’s impossible to predict anything,” he sighs before grinning. “When it all goes down the toilet, you can just weep.” “He’s an incredibly hardworking person with an incredible work ethic,” says Witherspoon. “He doesn’t ever complain. Not once. Which is sort of lower than the national average for actors. They’re always complaining. Especially the men!”

Twilight lovers will be happy to know that Pattinson is talkative and laughs easily— especially about the intense fame that’s followed him since Twilight became a phenomenon (“How is this still a story? It’s so boring”), about the darkness of the Breaking Dawn movies (“It’s going to be sooo weird”), and most of all, at himself. “I’d love to play a big fat person,” he says, contemplating a different look in a post–Edward Cullen era. No doubt it would just mean more of him for fans to love.

Entertainment Weekly: How was working with Reese?
Robert Pattinson: There’s something about her. She’s just this genuinely nice person. I don’t know if she puts an effort into creating a nice aura, but her mood dissipates over the whole set. It was a completely different environment from when she wasn’t there. All the kids and the animals were just drawn to her. It made it incredibly easy to do my part—all my reaction shots are just watching her work brilliantly. She’s really cool and she’s just…never, ever annoying. God, that’s the worst description, isn’t it?

EW: You’re almost finished with The Twilight Saga, with Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2 wrapping soon. You’ve been filming for a long time.
Pattinson: I literally feel like we’ve been doing it my whole life. [Laughs]

EW: There are a lot of crazy things that happen in these last two movies—not the least of which involves a half-vampire baby’s horrific birth.
Pattinson: There’s some interesting and weird stuff going on—really very, very, very strange. It’s great. For a big mainstream movie, it’s the most obscure story line and really outside the box. It’s a horror movie. I’ve seen a few bits, and I just can’t see how it’s going to be PG-13… unless they cut everything out. [Laughs]

EW: Once Twilight is finished, can’t you do whatever you want?
Pattinson: I mean, I can. But at the same time, I think people have an incredibly short shelf life, and you can never really predict what an audience wants or how to maintain a career, other than doing what you think is cool. Generally, what I think is cool is whatever everybody else hates.

EW: Do you think after Twilight ends in 2012 you’ll be able to start living a more normal life?
Pattinson: It’s funny how it’s ending in 2012. This is how the world will end. But, um, I don’t know. I think most of people’s recognition is based on the magazines and stuff. All the gossip stories won’t work— they’re always combined with Twilight, so once that’s done and it can’t be combined with the promotion of the film, I think it will end. Because I have an obscenely boring life.

And Tai did remember Rob and Reese. Kari at Have Trunk Will Travel, Tai’s human mommy, that Tai indeed remembered her co-stars.

The relationship that both Reese and Rob have with Tai is truly amazing. They arrived at different times and each one went to visit with Tai right away. There is no doubt that she remembers both of them. Rob certainly didn’t have to worry about not being remembered. Tai immediately started started patting him down looking for jelly beans. Tai travels with healthy treats like carrots and apples but Reese had someone run out and buy some sweet treats for her. Tai has an affinity for jelly beans so it’s lucky that she has the kind of figure that can carry a little extra weight. We can’t wait to see the photos from the Entertainment Weekly shoot. Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous.


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