Sunday, March 13, 2011

Investikudos Weekly Update: March 7 - 13 2011

Breaking Dawn has been filming all week. On Friday a part of the cast (wolfpack) had to be evacuated because there were tsunami warnings after the earthquake in Japan. This has caused a (small) delay in filming.

Rob and Kristen are rumored to be filming at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver on Monday. Here's a look:

*Other projects

- Water for Elephants

New still:

Rob will debut an exclusive WFE movie clip and answer fan questions during Q and A streaming live on March 18 at 8:56 ET on

International premieres for Water for Elephants:

The US premiere will be in New York on April 17.

About the soundtrack

Fox Pictures (distributor for WFE) talks about Rob:

- More news about On the Road:

- Bel Ami and On the Road
- Dreamworks and Touchstone Pictures are listed as 'Bel Ami' and 'On The Road''s distributors on IMDbPro. Anyone can add something to IMdb but it would be good news if true.

*In Other News

VF Outtake and more on the shoot:

VF on Rob: "He watches a lot of stuff and can talk about movies very intelligently... But then after meeting Rob I really calmed down. He has that thing; he's magnetic. He's a real movie star. He reminds me of James Dean. And he seemed a lot like [his Water for Elephants character] Jacob, someone who was just becoming a man, strong but uncomfortable in his own skin. People are going to be surprised. His performance was very nuanced and naturalistic."

- Rob will be on Jay Leno on Friday March 18.

- "Chatty Cathy" Catherine Harwicke talks about Rob and Kristen and the infamous Twilight audition

Disclaimer: we own nothing Our thoughts and prayers are for Japan this week. Events like these make you cherish life.

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