Sunday, March 6, 2011

Investikudos Weekly Update: February 28 - March 6 2011

Breaking Dawn is in the middle of filming in Vancouver and there really isn't much to tell. (Part of) the Cullen/Swan Christmas scene was filmed this week and there has been talk of the "bedroom window" scene (where Jasper and Emmett go to Bella's house to get Edward for his bachelor party) being filmed as well.

- First look at Breaking Dawn wardrobe for Edward, Bella and Jacob

- Lee Pace (Garrett) mentions Breaking Dawn and Kristen in an interview


- Water For Elephants

The premiere is not on April 17, but looking for an April 14 red carpet in Los Angeles.


London, UK premiere: (apparently Rob requested a premiere in London and he will attend)

Worldwide release dates:

Water for Elephants OST will release on April 19 (per Amazon)

Access Hollywood goes Behind the Scenes

New Trailer and stills

New international trailer

- Bel Ami:
There is a rumor that Bel Ami might be going to Cannes. This is however not confirmed by its production company/distributor.

- Snow White and the Huntsman
Filming is supposedly starting on August 1st in London (UK) Scotland, & Germany.

More info
Updated official production info on SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN:

STATUS: August 1
LOCATION: London - Scotland - Germany
PRODUCER: Joe Roth - Palak Patel
WRITER: Evan Daugherty DIRECTOR: Rupert Sanders LP: Sam Mercer
CAST: Charlize Theron - Viggo Mortensen - Kristen Stewart

A PG origin and re-imagining tale of "Snow White" from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Tonally in the vein of "Alice In Wonderland". Snow White (Stewart) , an 18-year-old princess who is only friends with animals, is getting more beautiful by the day as her step-mother, the Evil Queen Ravenna (Theron) gets more and more jealous. When Ravenna tries to kill Snow White, she escapes with the help of a hunstman named Eric (Mortensen) who is trying to get revenge on the Queen. Eric is very gruff but teaches Snow White how to fend for herself against the evil creatures of the forest. When
she eats a poisonous apple, her childhood sweetheart Prince Charmant must kiss her in order to unfreeze her lips and give her the potion to heal her. She thinks she’s in love with Eric, but he assures her Prince Charmant is her one true love. (Release date December 21, 2012.)

- K11 Filming should start in July.

In Other News

- Rob's Vanity Fair cover and spread!

- The Making Of Rob's VF Cover

- Rob was on Ryan Seacrest's Radio Show on Thursday

- Rob will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on March 18

- German Magazine Bravo interviewed Rob for WFE. (Grain of salt on the content...little too fluffy) French' Series Magazine also did an interview

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Rob and Kristen in VC on March 5

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