Wednesday, January 5, 2011

People's Choice Awards January 5 2011

Proud Rob

Something hot, Stew?

Kristen won Favorite Movie Actress
Eclipse won Favorite Movie, Favorite Movie Drama and Favorite On-Screen Team

Kristen's win

Trifecta on Stage, gathering awards.

Trifecta in audience

And More Robsten moments

More photos

More Rob photos here - videos also -

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  1. Thank you for the great photos! I missed the show last night and I hate missing opportunities to see Rob and Kristen in non-stalking photos!

  2. omg I'm worried about these two! y are there rumours going around again that they have broken up? I know we don't actually know they were ever together...

    I am so confused about the whole hand thing I mean come on! surely if rob "knew" that he wasn't supposed to hold her hand "in public" then he wouldn't have bothered...? I hate it when she embarrasses him like that in public! okay I know I sound like I need to be admitted to a mental home but I'm just so upset :'(

    p.s. great blog love it thanks for always posting all the up to date stuff

  3. Kristen didn't embarrass Rob with the hand thing. She didn't even see. As for the part where Ttaylor helps her up the stairs. She had difficult shoes on. It's noticeable when Queen Latifah asks them to stand up.

    She did lean on Taylor a bit on stage which may freak people out. There are rational ways to explain why she does what she does but not everyone will understand nor do they have to.

    In general, people should be really careful assuming that Kristen deliberately wants to humiliate Rob. That's not the case at all. She might be a little too awkward sometimes and it may backfire unfortunately but she is not malicious nor did she intentionally embarrass him or set him up.

    As for their relationship: they are a) together and b) not broken up. :)

  4. dude thanks a lot I feel better lol. ye I didn't think she did either but u know what happens when u start reading things... I always end up coming on this blog to get a better idea cuz ur not anti kstew ;) I love her to bits, probably more than I like him.

    well thanks again!