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Investikudos Weekly Update: January 24 - 30 2011

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It's been a quiet week for news and a quiet week of filming Breaking Dawn with little details (Summit security is finally doing something right, only took them 4 films), so we'll just share some tidbits from supposed set insiders.

“I just love the way Mackenzie lights up the room. If it’s been a long day and everyone’s tired, she shows up and you can tell the atmosphere changes. The fam scenes with Robert and Kristen will look amazing on screen. They have a special connection, you know. She looks so much like them and they enjoy working with her, so that makes it easy. They love joking around between takes. Specially with Robert, he loves using the ‘daughter’ thingy. I’ve heard he’s been teaching Mackenzie some words, with the accent and everything, so funny. Kristen has found someone to share her ‘Miley Cyrus’ obsession with. And they both love pets, so they have a lot to talk about. Cuteness everywhere. But everybody loves her, she’s pretty smart for her age. It’s good to have a kiddo on set.”
(Un-named set source)

Elizabeth Reaser was at Sundance last weekend and she spilled on Kristen as a vampire.

- Box Office Mojo previews Breaking Dawn part 1

As for Rob and Kristen's privacy in Baton Rouge, it seems like it is mostly secured, which we're happy about. But some harmless tidbits are always nice, even if we keep in mind some grains of salt:

Rob and Kristen are avid bike-riders? We know Rob bought a bike in Baton Rouge a while ago but now it seems he doesn't have to ride alone. Good for them that they manage to actually be in public/out and about without being stalked.

- Other pojects:

- Paul Giamatti talks Cosmopolis and Rob.

- Box Office Mojo previews Water for Elephants

- Fandango previews Water for Elephants (and Breaking Dawn)

- On the Road: One of th Most noticeable films of 2011. (Note: Walter Salles has said that maybe OtR won't be out until 2012 so we'll see if it makes its anticipated 2011 release)

- In other news

- Kristen as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman? This is a casting rumor. It has some legitimacy but nothing (NOTHING!) has been confirmed. While the cast and premise sound promising, Kristen is also still linked to An American Girl and K11. There is no news on either project.

Sam Bradley mentions Rob:

SG: So your musical beginnings were friends and family-based, and then so were your first big steps out into wider acclaim—outside London, out into the world, with your schoolmate Robert (Pattinson)…

SB: It’s still all friend-based. I don’t work with anyone that isn’t a friend. My band, my booking agent, my manager… Everyone I want to work with, I want to have a relationship that is stronger than just work. As far as the connection with Rob, he’s a friend—that’s it. There’s no special story. The special story is in our friendship. That’s it. There’s nothing grand about it. I got a song on this Twilight soundtrack—that opened up a bigger audience than I was ready for, perhaps, and then it was up to me to keep the music-lovers, and expand and grow on and through and past and with that.

SG: I can’t let you go and not go back to Rob for one final question, but I don’t want to get you into any trouble…
SB: You can’t get me into trouble. I can get me into trouble.

SG: Good point. But I’ll try not to lead you into any trouble.
SB: That’s fine, because I can deflect. I’ve been doing it for years.

SG: I bet you have. You’ve been mates for a long, long time. As surreal as life must be for him, which is up way up there, you have seen that from one step removed, and you have a sense of what that means as you’re an artist on the road connecting with people as well although maybe not quite to the “Beatles running down the street in ‘Help’” thing that he’s been going through. What does that leave you thinking? From what you’ve seen from him, what impact does that have on you? Does that end up being a blessing—you get to see how that can be from a pseudo-safe distance?
SB: If I thought about it and if I dissected it in any way, that wouldn’t be a healthy thing. It just is. There’s no difference in anything I do. There’s no difference in anything he does. There’s no difference in anything any friend I have, whether it be my wife… It just doesn’t make a difference. I’m gonna keep doing what I’m gonna do. Robert Pattinson is going to keep doing what he’s gonna do. Tom Sturridge is gonna keep doing what he’s gonna do. Bobby Long is gonna keep doing what he’s gonna do. Marcus Foster is gonna keep doing what’s he’s gonna do. Angus McNeice is gonna keep doing what he’s gonna do. Anyone I know are gonna do what they’re gonna do, and that’s not changed anything.

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