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Snow White and the Huntsman Promotion in Mexico - May 19 2012



More about the presser:

On why she chose Snow White, and why it reflects life itself:
“It’s very simple – don’t go after things because they appear to be perfect. Life is not like that.”

On being private about her personal life:
“I think it’s weird when actors start to believe they’re interesting and cool because they sell themselves. I don’t have a problem with Twitter, and probably if I wasn’t in this position I’d have one, but when you start giving away pieces of yourself, you stop being you.”

On challenging herself as an actress:
“I think everybody wants to find something new, I want to find something that amazes me. Genres don’t mean anything to me, because not everything is happy or sad nedessarily. Even in a sad situations you can find happy times, and sometimes you laugh, so they call it a drama, or it’s a dark comedy. For me, I just need to find a world in there. To read a story that somebody wrote, and find it real. I just want to make sure that I’m moving forward.”

On liking Mexican culture, wanting to learn Spanish and disliking when people call Mexico dangerous:
“I’m sorry I can’t say anything in Spanish, but if there was a language I could learn it would be Spanish. There’s something about living in LA, we’re so close, and I went to a school where most of my classmates had a Mexican parent. It bothers me that people say I can’t spend more time in Mexico, because it’s dangerous or beause I shouldn’t, but I’m so close to it that I’m not afraid.”

On apologizing for not greeting fans at the airport:
“Sometimes people think I’m mean, but I think they understand. They had police officers. They say I run from airports but I’m not the one who chooses which exit to take. I like coming to Mexico, and I’m not saying that because I’m here. It’s because people here are so passionate and they’re always very warm, everybody looks so happy, and that makes us feel good, but I am sorry.”

Kristen Stewart wants to open two support centers for female sex workers who want to change their lives.
“I think the world of prostitution is hard to get into, and making the choice of leaving it can be just as difficult. I want to give former prostitutes the best. I would put all the money I have into doing it.”

On being a role model:
“I think it’s important to not try to consciously be a role model, but to just be yourself. I’ll keep doing my thing. When a group of people follow you it’s because they relate to what you do. It’s weird when you’re put in a different spot, because I think we’re on the same level.”
On not being allowed to see Mexico city:
I’d love to be able to say ‘F*ck it.’ And go outside and see the city, but they say it’s dangerous so I’m not allowed.”

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Videochat with fans

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Tweets from the videochat Sources [1] [2]

Anything they want to keep form the film? Kristen: her sword. Sam: Kristen’s dress #VideoChat lol

Kristen: I faced my fear of horses. (crowd awws) Thank you. I haven’t gotten a lot of sympathy

Sam telling the story of the accident with the horse and the armor. Rupert told Sam “Get back up. Get back up that horse”

What part of the personality of you character would you like to have? Sam: I don’t know, I am the prince charming! Kristen: Playing a person who is light….The reason this movie is relevent is because we want to be them. I Want to be selfless. I want to be a good person Sam: You already are

Is there is some dream you wanna see come true? Kristen: No I feel like I’ve been challenged. I’m very happy w/ what I have accomplished. My family is healthy. I am happy
Sam: This is like a dream. I am in Mexico promoting a movie.

Kristen: I’ve known about Grimm fairytales since I was young….It was rediscovering the story and adding to it. I didn’t have a connection with snow white when I was a kid.

Sam accusing Kristen, she punched Chris! that’s why our sits are far apart…LOL

Diferences between the original story and this one? Sam: I think Prince Charming/ WIlliam is the most different from the original story.
Kristen: Without sounding pretencious, this is a very modern story, Snow White has to work hard, she is the classic SW but in a modern world. Kristen: Its really hard being specific. I always want to go back to the day before. Its like that convo in Bridesmaid. If you have seen it. The speech scene affected me.

Sam: “I am new to this game, and I am excited to see what challenges lie ahead”

If you would like to know what would happen to other characters post the movie? Kristen: It would be Mallory in Welcome to the Riley. Sam: It would be my character in this movie. We left it really open.

What does a script have to have for you to say yes? Kristen: I have to be character that I can defend. Its has to feel real. “Unless you do the job right, you’re depriving the entire world of knowing this person”. We have a huge pressure. We can either bring a person to life or kill them. Sam: I want to have the chance to show a different person from myself. Kristen: Actors have to add themselves into the character. The reason Sam is goo in this movie its because youre cool

Of all the actors youve worked with, who has influenced you? Kristen: I met a few people that do the job for the same reason I work. I worked with Jodie Foster. I learned really young about a good work ethic from her. Charlize she does the things for herself. Sam: There a lot of actors that are like Dont look at me, and really unapproachable. Working with Penelope Cruz who is awesome. Everyone is here to do the best job they can. The dwarves were fantastic. I never felt out of place on set. We felt like a family. I been very lucky.

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