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Snow White and the Huntsman: Promotion in Madrid, Spain - May 17 2012



TodoTwilightSaga — TVE entrevista a Kristen... door virgii_

Press Conference

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Google Translation of tweets of the pressconference (Thanks to LaSagaRobsten)
Charlize says she worked with designer Colleen Atwood in her first movie 15 years ago!

Kristen loves q Colleen Atwood’s costumes are so detailed and tell things about the character

Sam was more difficult to wear armor, but nevertheless felt comfortable with her ​​wardrobe

Charlize admits that there is a certain pleasure in seeing the villains, something that makes them very attractive.

“A lot of Ravenna I’ve seen women I know … I also know many things with Snow White”-Charlize

Rupert Sanders says he does not rule out the possibility of a trilogy if the film works well …

The director says the story of Grimm is still darker than his version of Snow White And The Legend DelCazador

Kristen talks about her definition of beauty, if not in the heart, is not real

A Charlize seem sexy women living authentically … And Kristen Stewart in the world;)

Have you been tempted to do something more childish with the project? Rupert says there is no darkness without light, but not change the tone

Charlize highlights the importance of setting a tone in the film, and in this case could not sacrifice the tone by introducing comedy

In fact, Rupert Sanders reminds us that fairy tales are actually darker than what we remember

Kristen White stresses that there is a calm, patience is not now in the “strong women” film

Comments on Sam matches in several movies with Ian McShane … In # BlancanievesYLaLeyendaDelCazador is one of the dwarves!

Charlize: “Saving someone is much more than wake her with a kiss, that’s a nod to the story. This Snow White does not need them to save”

Charlize: “I hope my Oscar not only because it was ugly …” Ensures that beauty is everything

Charlize leaving ugly jokes that only in the movies, you get an Oscar, that talent and work are worthless

Charlize, as a former model, has struggled to break that image, but says he does not choose their roles based on their appearance

Kristen small that not dreamed of being White … But it was an armor! # BlancanievesYLaLeyendaDelCazador

Ends the press conference, and Charlize takes leave of us with a “Thank you” in Spanish

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