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Investikudos Weekly Update April 2 - 8 2012



- New clip:

- Bel Ami Russian Blu Ray/DVD menu with new clip:

- Official US trailer:

NOTE: The movie will be available on iTunes and On Demand on May 4th and in theatres on June 8th.

Reminder: All about Bel Ami World Premiere here [Link]

No news.

Reminder: Full teaser of Breaking Dawn Part 2 here [Link] and teaser on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD here [Link]

No news.

Reminder: Breaking Dawn Part 1 has made over 700 million worldwide. It's out on DVD now.
Find links to all the events UPDATED with all available videos etc. here: [Link]


- New BTS still:

- Official website [link] with updated release dates and a festival tab (Let's hope it lists "Cannes Film Festival" after April 19 when Cannes line up is announced)

- Poster from German distributor with different tagline:

Reminder: Teaser trailer here: (LINK)


- New stills:

- Brazil’s Official ‘On the Road’ Facebook and Twitter previewed the poster of Kristen as Marylou:

- The April issue of Trois Couleurs gave a few ‘On The Road’ updates:

You can download the full issue here [link]

**Translation of the OTR mentions.

Page 6: Poster with May 23rd French release date. They “saw the film and loved it”.

Page 69: ‘On The Road’ will be released on May 23rd (in France). Walter Salles is directing the movie adapted from the excellent Jack Kerouac book, starring G.Hedlund, S. Riley and K.Stewart. For this special event, the Trois Couleurs writing team took the road to analyze it. Conclusion: A special book with rare archivals footage and unreleased portfolios. 244 pages covering the biggest chapters of the Beat Generation. Released on May 9th.

Page 75: Two editions of the Trois Couleurs ’On The Road’ issue will be released May 9th. 144 page regular edition and 244 page deluxe issue. The issue will have exclusive content. Kristen Stewart, Walter Salles, Garret Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kirsten Dunst, Carolyn Cassady, Francis Ford Coppola, Viggo Mortensen, Yves Simon, Gustavo Santaolalla and more participated in the issue. (We learned in February that Kristen did an interview for the issue.)

**Issue will be available in English [link]
**Table of Contents [link]

Reminder: Trailer here: (LINK)


- New BTS look from E! news [link]

- Rupert Sanders talks about Kristen's accent:

"She is with an Englishman so I think you know, there was probably a bit of guidance from around her life. She really nails it and she's fantastically good." [link]

Reminder: Extended trailer here [Link]

No news.

Reminder: Info about Kristen's role in K11 here [Link]


- First look at Elle US cover? [link]

- Kristen has recently done another photo shoot according to these tweets:

Reminder: Kristen has 3 (June) covers coming up: ElleUS, ElleUK and Vanity Fair. They'll be available in May.


- Kristen's W Magazine September and Glamour US November 2011 issues are nominated at the 2012 National Magazine Awards:

The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) announced the finalists for the 2012 National Magazine Awards. Known as the Ellies—for the Alexander Calder stabile “Elephant” given to each award winner—the National Magazine Awards will be presented on Thursday, May 3, at the New York Marriott Marquis.

Kristen graced the cover of two of the Finalists in General Excellence- Women’s Magazines: Glamour and W.

Kristen looked lovely and fresh-faced for the November cover of Glamour, while her September cover of W Magazine was a huge departure for our favorite gal by going 1960′s bombshell.

*You can vote here [link]

- Vote for Rob and Kristen at the Glamour UK Awards.
* Man of the Year
* Woman of the Year
* Film Actress

More info [Link]


Rob and Kristen have been hanging around L.A. Kristen will celebrate her 22nd birthday tomorrow, on April 9.

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