Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to the Rileys promotion in New York - October 18 2010


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Kristen on dressing like a stripper for the film: "What surprised me most was the fact that I was so unaware of the fact I was walking down the street with my robe open and just not caring at all. I had no inhibitions, I wasn’t scared."

Kristen on the Twilight cast: "I’m really lucky to have my cast on the series because as soon as we get back on set together, you always think it’s going to be hard to get back there but it’s not. We’ve all wanted to tell the story for so long and it’s all finally going to come to fruition."

Kristen on doing the sequel to Wanted: "People were talking about that a while ago, but I don’t know what I’m doing next. I have no idea."

Kristen on how she gets out of a role: "The few things that I’ve done between the Twilight movies have just coincidentally been very different, but I haven’t been like, ‘Oh I’m going to shock everyone right now and do something totally different.’ It’s always been totally informed by something speaks to you and you need to do it."

Kristen on getting absorbed in her role:"I tend to — and I’m not being deadly serious about this, but it is kind of — but I tend to really offend people who are in my life when I go. Especially on this one. It was the first time I’d ever been alone on a movie. I loved stomping around the city like it was mine. . . So I didn’t really miss too much, I was having a great time."

Kristen on going to a strip club: "I went to my first strip club and upon entering the guy was like, ‘You have to come back later if you want a job.’ . . So he must have thought you [Jake] was my pimp."

Kristen on being old enough for the role: "I’d known about this for a while before it got up and running. . . And I’m really glad that it took a while to do so because I think I was old enough to play the part as opposed to not ready. I think I would have shied away from too much."

Kristen on taking her character with her: "It’s not just parts you play, it’s sort of every experience you have in life shapes you and makes you who you are. Some of the most monumental experiences in my life have been working on films and playing parts, and this one more so than most — I don’t want to compare them – but more than normal, had an effect on me.


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