Monday, April 4, 2011

Water For Elephants Press Junket - April 2&3 2011

There was a Press Junket for Water For Elephants Saturday and Sunday

At the press conference:

More press conference photos


Screenslam Interview

Interview with MTV

MTV Video

Interview with HitFix

Interview with Jake the Movie Guy

Interview with the Insider

Interview with Collider

Kevin McCarthy interviews Rob, Reese and Christoph.

Interview with Popsugar

ET Canada interviews Rob interviews Rob

Interview with the Daily Telegraph

Rob and Reese on E!News

Rob and Reese interviewed by Extra

Associated Press interviews Rob and Reese

MTV the Seven Interview

Interview with Access Hollywood


Video, part 1

Video, part 2

WFE in Total Film Magazine (disclaimer)

Disclaimer: we own nothing. More to come when available

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