Monday, February 14, 2011

BAFTA Blues: why it sucks Kristen was not at the BAFTA's but it also kind of makes sense

Yesterday, February 13 the BAFTA Awards were held in London. Last year's Rising Star winner - Kristen Stewart - was absent. Did she break the BAFTA tradtion? Did she snub the BAFTA's?

The tradition of the Rising Star BAFTA is that previous year's winner presents the award to the winner the next year. It's been that way since the start of the Rising Star Award in 2006.

So...why was Kristen not at the BAFTA's when we kind of expected her to be?

Let's start with the overly obvious reason: work. At first thought it was the lamest of excuses to us. After all Rob did get time off for Golden Globes and Water for Elephants additional filming in January and the BAFTA tradition described above is well known and could have been planned ahead.


However, there is an unfortunate difference between going to L.A. for a weekend or flying to a different continent to present an award without having a movie to promote.

Time is money for movie makers and actors and while it's very doubtful Kristen would "snub" a prestigious award show like the BAFTA's it may very well be that her schedule is too tight and under those terms, London Bridge is a bridge too far right now.

Besides, during the Golden Globes weekend, the cast was off and had Monday off as well (It was Martin Luther King Day on the 17th of Jan) Also, the cast is now ready to move to VC soon so everything needs to be wrapped quickly.

What else?

Maybe the mentioned tradition is only a (rational) tradition in our heads because it is sort of Award's Etiquette to have winners of awards present the next year. For example: often the winner of a Best Actor award the previous year presents the award to Best Female the next.

It does appear that Kristen was on the attendee list but slated as "unlikely to make it." This would indicate she was supposed to go but Breaking Dawn's filming schedule left no room.

It's Occam's Razor - the simplest explanation is often the right one. And with the absence of winners Natalie Portman (Best Actress - too pregnant to fly) and Rising Star winner Tom Hardy (so Kristen wouldn't have been able to give the award to him anyway) it's not a big deal at all.

Needless to say, she was missed last night and there was disappointment at her absence. Thankfully, there is always next year; where she may not be a presenter but a nominee again.

Or...with some quiet hope, she makes up for it in two weeks during the Oscars....

Disclaimer: this is all opinion.

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  1. Great post!

    And very rational... sure we missed her, but I agree, it was not a snub.

    London is a looooong way from Baton Rouge and she was WORKING!

    BG11 :)