Friday, June 25, 2010

Eclipse premiere June 24 2010

The Premiere, black carpet

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And more

More photos and more on Eclipse

Afterparty shots:

Rob, we know you love smooching Kristen, but pink isn't your color...

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On the red carpet

Interview with Rob

Kristen on body image

Rob on Access Hollywood

Kristen on the dress

More Red Carpet Interviews

Fox All Access

Rob and Kristen at lunch before the premiere (only a screecap of the video, we won't post the video itself)

Disclaimer: We don't own anything but our own experience of being at the premiere. We'd lie if we said we were close, but we did see Rob and Kristen, albeit from a little further away. Peter Facinelli did make some rounds and said hi, Rob got out of his car a few feet away and Kristen waved at us, as did Elizabeth Reaser and Bryce Dallas Howard. We do have some photos, but they won't show you anything interesting other than Rob's back and Kristen's legs ;)

- More updates later.

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